Engrave Your favourite Picture With Style

What is a crystal photo frame? Simply put, it is a special type of photo frame which incorporates crystal photo inlays. Crystal photo inlays can be found in a number of types. There are folding style photo frames which have crystal photo inlays, and there are also photo frames with traditional photo glazing. These crystal photo frames can either be bought as ready-made pieces, or they can be made by an individual using his or her own technology.

Crystal Photo: The best quality crystal photo need to be created from the best optical glass, including the 100% k9 optical glass used for optical lab work. They are purely optically transparent, are free of impurities that can discolor them, and display sharp, clear, 3D images. As crystal photo has no moving parts, they are extremely safe to use and can be left out in the open. Clear glasses showcase clear 3D pictures, while colored glasses display colored, vibrantly colored images.

Crystal Photo Frame: A clear photo block is an opaque crystal photo frame in the form of a ring, square, oval or rectangle, with engraved photo patterns. It can be made of any material that is sufficiently smooth and strong enough to hold a photograph. Some photo blocks are made with colored silk-screened text. Others display engraved pictures of horses or exotic birds. However, the most common use of crystal photo is in creating simple photo blocks, which can be given as gifts.

Engravable Photo Block: A crystal photo block is also known as a luminous base. It is simply amazing how this simple yet elegant item has become an important part of many people’s lives. A luminous base is very useful in homes, office, restaurants, malls and anywhere else. This simple yet stylish item is available in a wide range of designs, which can be used to create a beautiful effect at any location.

Personalised Glasses: You may have a favourite picture, which you would like to have it etched on, and may want this to be permanent. For this purpose, we recommend using a crystal photo frame. You can either engrave your photo using a engrave pen or a pencil or by using special equipment for laser engraving. Many companies now provide engraving service at a small charge.

When giving crystal photo as gifts, one can add some special touches by giving it as a set with other gifts. The engravings, designs or texts on the glasses can be matched with other personalised gifts, or even with household items. If you want to give a unique gift, why not try to personalise your recipient’s glasses with their name. For instance, you can give them a set of glasses with their name engraved on it. The recipients will certainly be appreciative and may keep the glasses forever as a memento.